custom designed painted ceramic stoneware tabletop, giftware, tile installations and commissionable art by artist Beth Goldstein artistry by Beth Goldstein, Artistree by Design

Beth Goldstein Designs and Liecenses Tabletop and Giftware Collections | Site Map

Select any page to view an assortment of collections and individual unique artistic pieces by Beth Goldstein along with an array of design swatches used on many decorated products.

Surfaces include: ceramic, earthenware, tile, marble, glass, hand-made and processed papers, the walls and more.

Products include: bowls, platters, cups, mugs, plates, tea pots, cannisters, vases, lamps, complete serving collections, tile installations and more.

Home | Beth Goldstein designs fine art for everyday use in the home or any environment

The Artist | Beth Goldstein's designs and images for Tabletop and Giftware are created by using an array of art mediums

Tabletop & Giftware | Tabletop, Giftware or Home Goods decorated with fine art by artist, Beth Goldstein, is like having an original work of art that just happens to be a dinner plate … or a serving platter… or a lamp!

Licensing | Beth Goldstein license's art designs for a variety of mediums

Judaica | Hannukah, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Menorahs, Draydels, Passover, Seder Sets Matzoh plates, Elijah cups, Miriam Cups, Rosh Hashanah, Shabbat candles | decorative handcrafted one of a kind Jewish artwork on ceramic and stoneware | Beth Goldsteins, Judaica, or Jewish decorated giftware offers Jewish art on tabletop giftware, ceramic and stoneware tiles and complete giftware collections.


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